Reifen und Gummi


Center guide control system assures that tire cord fabric enters the entry accumulator, exits the entry accumulator, and enters the low tension tire cord spreading system on machine centerline.

Calender and Post-Calender

Maximum width control is achieved with a coordinated set of equipment in the high tension calender zone. The system features shrinkdown compensation by continuously monitoring the calendered fabric width at the exit of the cooling drums and adjusting fabric width prior to the calender.

Complexing Systems

Component Preparation Solutions for Pre-Assembled Strips
Innerliner and Chafer Strips

Multiple Web Combining

Pre-stage and Assemble Extruded and Slit strips
White-Sidewall Cover and Gum Edge

Shift Stands

For Windups and Let-offs – Liners and Components

Custom Engineered Solutions

Complete Stands, Rolls and Controls for integrated solutions

Knife Positioners

Accurately position Trim Knives to follow Web Edges
Fabric Calendars and Cushion Calendars

Gum Strip Applicators

Extruded or Pre-Slit strips

Cassette Windup Guide

Keep Captured Liners Centered in Cassettes
Avoid Liner Damage