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Hydraulic Modular Blocks, Power Units, and Valve Stands

  • HMB-Hydraulic Modular Block
  • HS-DT-HMB - Hydraulic valve stand
  • GE - Hydraulic power unit
  • EMA - Electromechanical Actuator

Hydraulic Power Unit
Specifically designed for strip guiding, these power units are rugged, reliable, and responsive. They provide simplicity of design, operation, and employ modular motor-pump assemblies for ease of use and speed of maintenance.
Equipped with their own hydraulic reservoir, pump, filter, and servo valve, a single power unit can simultaneously, yet independently, power one or more separate guiding systems.
• Provides superior response and control for any strip guiding application
• Spool-type servo valve provides exceptional sensitivity and stability
• Compact, modular construction minimizes exterior tubing and provides maximum ease of servicing
• Totally enclosed, explosion-proof motors available
• Units are equipped complete with hydraulic fittings and cables. Electrical cables are multiconductor shielded cables.

Hydraulic modular block and stand
Servo valve packages are available, so line hydraulics can be used as a hydraulic supply delivering the same reliability and performance as a Fife power unit.
• Pressure line inlet filter for long servo valve life
• Mounting stand or no mounting stand for ease of installation

Proportional Servo Valve
Our two-stage, high-resolution, spool-type servo valves provide precise, proportional control regardless of material or load requirements.
• Subplate-mounted valves for multiple guiding systems with a single power unit
• External mechanical null adjustment
• Rugged construction with heavy-duty aluminum body
• Field serviceable – easily removable pilot valve for spool cleaning
• Fail-safe valve blocks all hydraulic flow on loss of electronic signal

Electromechanical Actuators
Electromechanical actuators are available for light- to heavy-duty applications when hydraulic is not desirable. Driven by a servo motor, they provide outstanding performance.
• Low power consumption
• Low maintenance requirements
• Ball screw and nut design for low friction, efficient operation, high positioning accuracy
• Wide variety of mounting, strokes and forces available
• Easy replacement of hydraulic cylinders