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2015 Tidland ESP Decoder Package Upgrade

  • Drop-in design easily replaces the current decoder/encoder package
  • State-of-the-art electronics, components, solenoids and air switches can be replaced in-house (for reduced inventory cost)
  • Air manifold design with static seals reduces maintenance: no more hoses and fittings to repair and replace
  • Easy to read circuit board labeling matches troubleshooting data from system software for reduced downtime associated with failure modes and identifying worn components
  • Additional upgrade from optical rotary encoder to absolute magnetic strip encoder in the same package improves overall system reliability

When Tidland launched the state-of-the-art and award-winning ESP – Electronic Slitter Positioning System – companies quickly took advantage of the value of automated slitter positioning to both increase throughput and improve slitter accuracy. Over the years we have upgraded software and components to stay aligned with new technology and we are pleased to present our most extensive upgrade yet – a new decoder assembly and encoder head.

Our engineers updated the Decoder Package assembly to replace the hose and fitting design with a new air manifold design for improved air system reliability and ease of maintenance. We updated the circuit board to state-of-the-art componentry and combined two boards into one, moving away from proprietary to off-the-shelf components. This significantly increases the overall life of the package and reduces your long term maintenance costs. We have also developed an Absolute Magnetic Strip Encoder option that will enable you to upgrade your entire ESP to the latest encoder technology, reducing downtime for encoder maintenance and your long term maintenance costs.

Decoder Package with Optical or Absolute Magnetic Strip Encoder Specifications

  • 供給電源24 VDC +/- 10%
  • Maximum Current Total300 mA
  • Minimum Supply Air Pressure65 psi
  • Maximum Supply Air Pressure100 psi
  • 空圧 要件Clean, Dry Air
  • Software RequirementsMS-DOS or higher

*Upgrading to the latest software version is recommended for the Absolute Magnetic Strip Decoder Package.