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Webex Vacuum Rolls

  • Most effective device for web tension control and web transportation
  • Ideal for controlling coated materials and very delicate or sensitive materials
  • Zoned vacuum area for defined wrap angles
  • Adjustable deckle design allows the vacuum area to vary for different web widths
  • Coatings applied and screens installed suitable for a variety of products
  • Ultra-fine, seamless nickel screens applied for the most sensitive and delicate materials

Webex Vacuum Rolls provide the ideal tension isolation and control point for your product. By pulling the web into intimate contact with the roll, Vacuum Rolls increase friction forces that help prevent web slippage. Used ahead of flotation ovens or in coating lines where nipping or contacting both sides of the web is not possible or desired, Vacuum Rolls are the solution for controlling your web.

An ultra-fine, seamless nickel screen is available that provides consistent grip across the entire width of the web, without damaging even the most delicate coated materials. Applications include the production of ultra-thin coated films, pressure sensitive papers, decorative products, adhesive coated films and optical film for the aerospace, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

Webex Vacuum Roll Specifications

  • Nominal Roll Diameters (Standard Screens)203, 264, 324, 407 mm8, 10.38, 12.75, 16 inch
    Non-standard diameters available
  • Maximum Face Length3,962.4 mm156 inches
  • Minimum Face Length380 to 760 mm15 to 30 inch
    Depending on diameter
  • Design OptionsFixed deckle or variable deckle
    Simply supported or cantilever
    Clean room design
    Custom vacuum connections
    Heat transfer - cooling capabilities
  • Typical TolerancesDiametrical within 0.0005 inchDiametrical within 0.0013 mmConcentricity and straightness within 0.0005 inchConcentricity and straightness within 0.013 mm
  • FinishNickel Plating
    Rubber, Plasma, Ceramic, Teflon Coating
    Stainless Steel Mesh Screens
    Seamless Nickel Screens
  • Base MaterialsAluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Webex Centers of Excellence

State-of-the-art centers of manufacturing excellence for Webex Precision Rolls